If you're concerned about Bugfender's use of data on your application:

  • Bugfender does not track your users across apps or websites

  • Bugfender does not use your user's data for their own purposes, nor sell it to third parties, for advertisement purposes nor any other purposes

  • Bugfender does not access the device’s advertising identifier (IDFA) nor the ID for Vendors (IDFV)

  • If you're developing an iOS application, you do not need to ask user for permission with the AppTrackingTransparency framework, since Bugfender does not do "tracking" in the definition of Apple in connection with advertising.

  • If you gather personal data with Bugfender, you can sign a Data Processing Agreement with us, so that you and your users are protected under GDPR.

Which data is collected?

Out of the categories proposed by Apple, Bugfender assists you in collecting:

  • Product Interaction (if you enable automated UI logging or if you do manual logging to track interactions)

  • Crash Data (if you enable crash reporting)

  • Performance data (if you log anything related with performance)

  • Other Diagonstic Data, since you use Bugfender to collect application logs

  • Identifiers (if you use custom device key-values to associate the logs of a device with its owner or the device itself)

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about Bugfender's security, you can check our security page.

You can also check the announcement of App privacy details on the App Store by Apple.

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