If you are using Bugfender to process and store personal data, you may be required by law or by your company policies to have an agreement with Bugfender to guarantee your user's personal data protection. If you have customers in the EU you may be subject to GDPR, which requires this.

Is Bugfender compliant with GDPR?

Yes, Bugfender complies with GDPR by guaranteeing your rights as a customer. If you have any GDPR-related requests, you can contact our support.

How does Bugfender help my compliance?

Under Basic and better plans, you can use Bugfender to store personal data, we can offer the following functions required for your compliance:

  • Data access: you can access all data you sent to Bugfender until it expires.
  • Data rectification: personal data associated to devices can be updated.
  • Data deletion: personal data from your users can be deleted.
  • Data expiration: personal data that is no longer used is automatically deleted as it expires.
  • Data export: personal data from your users can be exported in a textual, easily intelligible format.
  • Notifications of data breaches: in the event of discovering a personal data breach, Bugfender will inform you in a timely manner as required by law.

Please note the readily available Terms of Service do not provide enough support for Bugfender to become a data processor as defined by the GDPR, because they do not allow for personal data storage, sign a Data Processing Agreement with us for that.

Please note not all our plans offer enough support to store personal data, check if your plan has "GDPR Data Processing". If in doubt, please contact us.

Special categories of data

GDPR defines some "Special categories of data" where you should perform your own risk analysis (GDPR Article 9). For those categories, Bugfender might or might not be enough for your use case, you have to decide yourself. Please contact us if need to do further analysis of the suitability of Bugfender for your users' data protection.

Data retention

Bugfender plans supporting the signature of a data processing agreement have a retention of 30 days. Data is erased after a security margin of 7 additional days. We generally keep backups for an additional 90 days after that.

Geographic location of data

Bugfender stores its data within the European Union.

If you need your data stored in a specific datacenter it can be done, please contact us for an Premium plan (prices starting at €399/month).

Signing a Data Processing Agreement with Bugfender

  • Download our Data Processing Agreement model contract
  • Read and sign it
  • You will need to fill in the account ID. It's a little bit hidden, but you can find it like this: go to team settings and check the URL. It will be something like https://dashboard.bugfender.com/bf2/#/bf/team/12345. In that case your account ID is 12345. If you need help with that, please let us know.
  • Start a new conversation with us and attach the signed contract
  • We will counter-sign it. The contract will become effective when we send you back the counter-signed copy.

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