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Which device data is automatically collected from users?
Which device data is automatically collected from users?
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The Bugfender SDK collects the following details automatically:

  • Device make and model

  • Operating system name (iOS/Android) and version

  • Language the device is configured in

  • Device name (only in Android: either a developer-defined string or the device model – this is deprecated, use custom device key-values instead)

Additionally, you may choose to collect (all of these are optional):

  • ANDROID_ID (only in Android)

  • Custom device key-values, such as identifiers to locate the specific device of a user

  • User interactions with your application

  • Application crash stacktraces

  • Any other user activity or internal application state

Bugfender may use aggregated data for statistical analyses to improve the service, but will not use or resell the data for commercial purposes (see details in the privacy policy).

You may sign a Data Processing Agreement with us, in order to guarantee your user's rights under GDPR.

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