This error message appears in the Android SDK when the logcat automatic logging is enabled and:

  • The logcat process internally used by the SDK dies

  • The logcat process can not connect to the system service that handles logging

The reason why this is happening can is usually that the system is out of memory and the Out-Of-Memory Killer is removing processes in order to free up memory.

There is a known bug in the Android customizations of some Samsung devices, that kills the system service in charge of logging when many Bluetooth Low Energy devices are nearby. Restarting the device will restart the logging daemon.

Unfortunately both cases are limitations of the Android logging system and the Bugfender SDK can not do anything to "fix" them. If you find you're missing valuable logs because of this, we recommend that you log directly to Bugfender (for example, calling Bugfender.d() ) or that you use a logging library that sends the logs to Bugfender in addition to logcat (see our supported logging libraries).

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