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What types of logs can Bugfender collect?
What types of logs can Bugfender collect?

Automatic log collection from Logcat, UI Logging, Crash reporting and manual logs

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Bugfender can collect 3 types of logs automatically. When you initialize Bugfender, you can choose to enable them:

  • Logcat logs (Android only): Bugfender can automatically read everything you print to logcat. This has the advantage that you do not need to change anything in your code to start using Bugfender because all logs are sent automatically.
    Note: Apple has withdrawn support for this feature in recent versions of iOS.

  • UI Logging: Bugfender can automatically log things like changes in ViewController/Activities and button pushes, giving you some insights on what your users are doing combined with the logs.

  • Crash reporting: if your application crashes, Bugfender automatically collects the stacktrace and stores it with your logs.

Manual logging
Bugfender can also be used as a logger. The Bugfender.e(), Bugfender.w() and Bugfender.d() methods can be used to send the specific logs.

You can also use a Logging library/framework to minimize coupling with Bugfender and have more flexibility and control over your logs.

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