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I am not getting any logs
I am not getting any logs

Here is a list of the most common issues when you find logs missing

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There are a couple of things to check when logs are not being sent to the server:

  • Is this the first time you are using Bugfender? If you just installed the SDK maybe there are logs in the console that show what's going wrong.

  • Is the device active? You can enable/disable all devices or individual devices, make sure the device you are trying to see logs from is active.

  • Have you reached the daily limit of logs? Especially on the free account, it is possible that you reach the limit of daily logs. At this point, devices will not send logs even if they are enabled.

  • Are you using the latest version of the SDK? You might be experiencing a known bug that has already been solved in a recent version of the SDK.

  • Is the date and time in your device up-to-date? Bugfender shows logs according to the date and time provided by the mobile device. If the device reports a wrong timestamp, logs might not show on the correct time frame or might not show at all.

  • Did the user close the application quickly before generating the logs? Bear in mind that logs are being sent in batches, usually every 15 seconds. Also the SDK is not sending logs when the application is in background in order to save battery. They will be sent upon the next execution of the application.

  • In iOS, are you using a logging framework or BFLog for logging? If you are using NSLog it will not work (here is why).

  • In Xamarin Android, are you using Trace to log? If you are using Debug, these logs are removed in production builds.

  • Some Huawei Android devices have a custom ROM that disables logging to logcat in production builds. You may need to manually enable logging to logcat in the device or use Bugfender SDK directly for logging instead of relying on logcat.

Still not working?

If you have checked all of this, please contact us and provide as much information as possible. For example, indicate if this is the first time you're using Bugfender or if the problem happens with only one device, the time range when this device should be sending logs, etc. We will look into it.

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