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Can I delete some logs?
Can I delete some logs?

Here is a tip to keep your logs tidy

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Yes. Bugfender is generally a write-only pipeline meaning, once written, logs can not be further modified. However, it is possible to delete logs from a given device in order to respond to a user's request to delete their data, for example, for GDPR compliance.

Logs for development purposes

You may want to separate your development from your production logs. In order to do that, you can create multiple "apps" in Bugfender, with different App Keys, that you can exchange with conditional compilation.

Some of our customers even separate further depending on their release process, they might have UAT logs, integration logs, etc.

Deleting all logs for an app

If you do not longer want the logs of an app, or you want to start over from scratch, you can delete the app in Bugfender and create it again. You will get a different App Key that you will need to replace in your code.

Deleting logs of a specific device

To delete the logs of a device:

  • Get to the Device Info page of the given device. For example, by going to the Device Config. tab and searching for it, or by pressing the Device Info button in the log viewer.

  • Click on Block this device and delete its data

Once you have blocked a device, it is possible to unblock it, but it is not possible to restore the data that has been deleted.

If you're using the Pro plan or better, this process is also available via the API, so that you can integrate your backend's data deletion process with Bugfender.

Users who have signed a Data Processing Agreement with us can also contact our support to delete logs.

Deleting logs and quotas

Deleted logs still count against your daily quota.

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