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Downloading SDK documentation for offline usage
Downloading SDK documentation for offline usage

Step by step guide to download to import the documentation on Dash, Zeal or any other DocSet reader

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You can always find the documentation for Bugfender’s Android SDK here, and for iOS SDK here. And read it online. But sometimes, either you don’t have Internet connection (train, plane, no Wifi) or you just prefer to use an offline documentation browser. These browsers store your documentation locally and allows you to quickly search dozens of different documents for different languages / SDKs / products.

For macOS you have Dash, for Linux & Windows, Zeal. Although they do include an impressive list of DocSets, not every library is in there. That’s the case of Bugfender SDK docs. 

Reading the Bugfender SDK documentation in Dash

Android SDK

The Android SDK of Bugfender uses Javadoc to generate its documentation. Fortunately, Dash integrates with Maven so you can download directly documentation for any library that’s in Maven. Like Bugfender SDK ;-)

Just go to Preferences > Downloads in Dash and select Java Docsets. Then search for “bugfender”... and enjoy!


In this case, it’s way simpler. Just navigate to BugfenderSDK CocoaDocs page, hit the share icon, then Add Docset to Dash, and import directly into Dash. Or search for Bugfender inside Dash Downloads interface. That’s all!

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