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Using Zapier to integrate Bugfender with anything
Using Zapier to integrate Bugfender with anything

A step by step guide

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Zapier offers an extensive list of applications you can integrate with. You can use it to send incoming Issues to other applications. Here is a step by step explanation to set up a Zap based on Bugfender.

Please note the Zapier integration does not work on On-Premises or Private Instance versions of Bugfender.

  1. Make sure you have an application with at least 1 issue

Check inside your application, in the Issues tab, that you have at least one issue.

2. Connect your apps in Zapier

In Zapier, search for Bugfender and the other app you want to connect (Basecamp, Asana, JIRA, Trello,...)

Once you create the integration, you will need to authorize Zapier to use Bugfender, click on Allow:

5. Good to go!
If you reached this point, you have a fully operational Zap. Now you can see your Bugfender Issues in your favorite issue tracker, messaging application or... whatever you can think of!

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