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Collect application crashes and errors
Collect application crashes and errors
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Bugfender can automatically collect events where your application crashes (uncaught Exceptions or Errors).

On iOS and Android, initialize Bugfender by adding the following line:


On JS applications, Bugfender catches errors by default. You can disable that behavior if needed, by adding registerErrorHandler: false during the initialization:

appKey: '<YOUR_APP_KEY_HERE>',
// registerErrorHandler: true,
// ...

Manual crashes

Bugfender also has a Bugfender.sendCrash() method that is useful in case you want to log crashes. This is not a common use case, but it is available for SDK writers and other situations where your application is already doing some crash reporting internally.


Bugfender works well in combination with Crashlytics, you can use both simultaneously if necessary. If you encounter cases where crashes are only reported by Bugfender or by Crashlytics but not both, try initializing Crashlytics and Bugfender in reverse order.

Reference documentation

You can read more about initializing the SDK and sending crashes here:

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