Bugfender recently introduced OAuth 2.0, which is a more secure way to authenticate and provides additional benefits like the ability to use Two-Factor Authentication.

In order to update your Zaps you need to change the app to Bugfender (1.6.0) or newer. Then Zapier will request you to log in to Bugfender and get authorization.

Here is step by step:

  • Edit the Zap and you will see it uses the Bugfender (DEPRECATED) app:

  • Press Change and search for Bugfender again, if multiple options appear choose Bugfender (1.6.0) or newer.

Once you're done, make sure to test your Zap again and turn it back on.

Here is how the whole process looks like:

What happens if I do not update my Zaps?

Existing Zaps will keep working for until June 26th, 2021. Then they will be paused and you will need to perform the aforementioned steps in order to keep them active. We recommend you to perform the changes before the deadline to avoid any interruptions in your Zaps.

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