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Before trying Bugfender
How do I know if Bugfender is good enough?
How do I know if Bugfender is good enough?
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Bugfender was born from our own needs, built by developers, for developers.

At Mobile Jazz we’ve been developing mobile applications since 2008, and we’ve built a lot of them. From small startup apps to big name enterprise applications. Many of them have over 10M users, and one over 100M. We really care about high quality, great user experience. On average, our apps have an app store rating of 4.5 stars.

With so many new devices entering the markets every year, it’s getting tougher and tougher to deliver an app with an excellent UX, especially when keeping backward compatibility in mind. Android alone has close to 19,000 devices, which in order to test, would require a lot of devices and a lot of people. It’s virtually impossible to cover all of them.

This is where Bugfender comes in handy. With Bugfender you can access the logs remotely, theoretically on any device, but most importantly on those that are experiencing issues with your app.

I don’t believe you. Can I check it out myself?

Absolutely. Simply sign-up for free and integrate Bugfender into your application. We promise you, it’ll make your life a lot easier within minutes.

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