Bugfender can establish a trust relationship with your Identity Provider for a given domain, so that users can use your company's Single Sign-On system and seamlessly work with Bugfender without the need of a password.

For example, if your domain is yourcompany.com, Bugfender can trust your SSO system to authenticate all emails in the @yourcompany.com domain.

Automatic provisioning and de-provisioning

User accounts are automatically populated from your Identity Provider information when someone uses Bugfender for the first time. De-provisioned users can not log in to Bugfender anymore.

SAML Setup

If you would like to authenticate your domain with SAML, please contact us. You will need the following information:

  • The name of the domain(s) you want to authenticate with SAML, for example yourcompany.com.

  • The SAML metadata URL of your Identity Provider.

Once you provide this information, we'll follow together the following steps:

  • Verify the ownership of the domain

  • Set up the SAML connection between your Identity Provider and Bugfender

  • Test the login using the Identity Provider works properly

  • (Optionally) Make your Identity Provider the authoritative source for logins on your domain, removing the possibility of logging in in other ways

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