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How to close your Bugfender account
How to close your Bugfender account

Here is how to delete your account

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If you would like to delete your Bugfender account, you can follow these steps:

1. Delete or move all applications you own

In order to close your account, you can not own any applications, so you need to transfer them to someone else or delete them first.

Both options are available in the Settings tab of the application:

If you are not the application owner, see next step.

2. Leave all teams, delete them or assign a new owner

You can access this screen from Team Settings:

Please note if you want to delete a team with an active subscription, you will need to change its plan first to Free.

3. Delete your account

In your Profile settings you will find a Delete your account button.

4. Send us a message

It's a pity you decided to leave, but any feedback you may want to give us will be welcome.

Please take a minute if you can and drop us a line, it will help us improve.

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