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How can I see how many logs are used and left from my daily quota?
How can I see how many logs are used and left from my daily quota?

And how are daily logs counted

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You can see your current log limit and consolidated usage of all applications in the Team settings page, you can access it in the cog icon on the left hand side bar.

The next screen shows you the logs used today and yesterday, in comparison with your limit. If you are the owner of the team you can also change the plan to adapt to your needs.

How are logs counted?

Bugfender uses a token bucket filter to count the logs used in a window of 24 hours and will discard logs going over the limit to match the quota rate.

This means there is no beginning and of day. Instead Bugfender counts the logs received in a 24 hour time window to evaluate if you're within the limit.

What happens if I get too many logs, but only one day?

Bugfender accommodates for peaks in traffic by slowing down log collection when you first hit the limit during a grace period of another 24 hours. That is, you will receive the logs with delay in order to fit them in your quota allocation.

This, however, is not sustainable over time, because you would end up with millions of logs from previous days. After the grace period, logs will start being discarded instead of slowed down.

What can I do if I hit the limit?

If you hit your log limit often, we recommend looking into a bigger plan: see our Pricing page for details or contact us if you need help choosing a plan.

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