Yes! If you want to control and manage the data collected by Bugfender, we have an on-premises option that you can install anywhere you want.

The software is distributed in form of an amd64 Docker image, working on the following platforms:

  • Most Linux distributions running version 3.10+ of the Linux kernel

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows 10

Any cloud provider you use will work, but these cloud providers have ready-to-use machines with Bugfender installed:

  • Amazon EC2

  • Digital Ocean

These cloud providers have Docker already installed:

  • Google Compute Engine

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Rackspace

An SSL certificate is needed for protecting communications, a Let's Encrypt free certificate can be used.

Optionally, also a mailing service is needed for the for the password recovery functionality and daily application summary notifications:

  • An SMTP server (compatible with most mail servers) or Sendgrid account

  • An Amazon SES account (if you want to use the two-factor authentication)

Hardware requirements:

  • x86_64 machine

  • The size of the machine depends on the amount of logs you want to process and that is application-specific. As a rule of thumb, a dual core machine with 4 GB of RAM is required per million devices.

  • The software can work behind a load balancer if you need multiple machines.

Other paid services we offer together with the license:

  • Installation support and maintenance training for your system administration team.

  • Maintenance and monitoring provided by Bugfender on your own machines.

  • Backup service.

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Please contact us if you have any specific requirements and we will work with you on a solution.

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