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Can I gather user feedback with Bugfender?
Can I gather user feedback with Bugfender?
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Yes, absolutely! Bugfender has a feature called User Feedback, which lets you collect feedback directly from your application. We provide to options:

  • Use our ready-made UI that lets you get a subject and text (similar to an email)

  • Use our API to send the feedback collected by you (for example, with your custom view)

When you send a user feedback, Bugfender:

  • Gathers all logs for the current execution of the app (we call this a "session"). This comprises all logs since the beginning of the execution of the application and will keep gathering until the application process dies.

  • Sends the logs to the server.

  • Alerts you. By default you can see it in your dashboard, but you can use a Zapier integration to send you an email or send it to GitHub, BitBucket, Basecamp, Asana or wherever you want.

You can see more details here:

If you would like to use User Feedback in your application, check our docs:

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