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How can I enable/disable logging on specific devices?
How can I enable/disable logging on specific devices?
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In order to save your user’s battery and bandwidth, you may want that not all devices send logs by default. Here is how:

To enable or disable logging for a specific device, find the device and toggle the Enabled switch:

You can also enable or disable a group of devices matching certain criteria (or all devices). Do do that, filter the devices you want and then choose Mark all as... > Enabled or Disabled:

For devices that have not yet been discovered for your account, you might want to set the default as enabled or disabled. Use the Gather logs from new devices? switch for that.

The first logs you will receive are the data cached in the device (by default 5MB but it can be more/less depending on your configuration) and after that you will keep receiving the current data as it happens (with a ~30 second delay).

Please note the enable or disable command can take up to 5 minutes to take effect.

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