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What happens if I want to stop using Bugfender?
What happens if I want to stop using Bugfender?
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Even if we will be sad to see you go, there is nothing that keeps you from leaving. Once you close your Bugfender account your application will just work normally, even if it has Bugfender SDK installed.

Instead of closing your account, once you have Bugfender SDK installed our recommendation would be to leave it on. It won’t do any harm and can help you in the future. If you don’t want to pay that’s fine, just leave it in the free plan.

We also recommend that while you’re not needing Bugfender you disable logging on all devices, so that it doesn’t impact your user’s bandwidth.

Of course if you stop using Bugfender we’d love to hear why. Feel free to drop us a line or two, we will be grateful to hear your thoughts.

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