Bugfender is compatible with Unity as long as your target platforms are iOS and Android (no Windows support yet). However, we do not yet provide a ready-made integration that you can drop into your project.


You need to follow these steps:

  • In your project's Assets, create a folder named Plugins if it doesn't already exist. Then, create a sub-folder named Android.
  • Download latest version of the Bugfender SDK (get the aar file)
  • Put the aar file in the Plugins/Android folder you just created.
  • In your project's Assets, create a folder called Scripts. Inside this folder, create a C# script called Bugfender with the following contents:
  • Select your main camera, then in the Inspector pane, select Add Component > Scripts > Bugfender. Set the Bugfender app key.
  • If your game has several scenes, you only need to add Bugfender once, on the first scene that gets executed.

iOS sample code

We are working on an iOS version. Please contact us for instructions if you need it.

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