If you are using Bugfender to store personal data, one of the requirements of GDPR is to have an agreement between you and Bugfender to guarantee your user's personal data protection.

Depending on your Bugfender plan, you have the following functions in place that support you for compliance:

  • Data access: you can access all data you sent to Bugfender until it expires.
  • Data rectification: personal data associated to devices can be updated.
  • Data deletion: personal data from your users can be deleted.
  • Data export: personal data from your users can be exported in a textual, easily intelligible format.
  • Notifications of data breaches: in the event of discovering a personal data breach, Bugfender will inform you in a timely manner as required by law.

If your data fits into "Special categories of data" as defined by the directive GDPR Article 9, you might need to do further analysis of the suitability of Bugfender for your users' data protection.

Please note the readily available terms and conditions do not provide enough support for GDPR. Please contact us to sign a Data Processing Agreement.

If you have any further questions please contact us!

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