Yes! If you want to control and manage the data collected by Bugfender, we have an on-premise option that you can install anywhere you want. We recommend AWS because it is where we host the cloud version, and it works wonders.

The software is distributed in form of a Linux 64-bit binary for installation in your machines or, for easier installation, we also offer a Docker image.

The system software requirements are:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 operating system
  • MySQL 5.6 or Amazon Aurora
  • Redis 2.8
  • Elasticsearch 2.x (soon we'll migrate to Elasticsearch 5.x)
  • An account at Sendgrid mailing service (optional, only if you want to send mail)
  • An SSL certificate for protecting communications. You will need Apache/Nginx/a load balancer for SSL termination.

Hardware requirements:

  • The size of the machine depends a lot on the amount of logs you want to process, and that is very application-specific. For guidance, you will need approximately an AWS "c4.large" machine (that is a virtual machine with 2 cores and 3.75 GB of RAM) per million devices.
  • The software can work behind a load balancer if you need several machines.
  • The databases can be on the same or a different machine, depending as well on how much you want to scale.

Other services we offer together with the license:

  • Installation support and maintenance training for your system administration team.
  • Office hours maintenance and monitoring provided by Bugfender on your own machines.

Our pricing depends on the use cases and level of support required. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will work with you on a solution.

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